Page senior and wide receiver, Nick Baker, may not have the best athleticism, or size or even the strongest, but there is more than meets the eye.

Ever since a young age, Baker's mother, Britton Beasley, instilled academics come first and everything else will follow.

"He didn't want to do homework in Kindergarten," Beasley said. "But he learned really quickly if you want to go outside and play, you have to get your work done."

"My mom always told me that if I didn't have good grades, football wasn't an option," Baker said.

But that was never an issue. Mainly because as a senior, Baker holds an impressive 4.7 GPA which earned him an academic scholarship to play football next season at Davidson.

"I went there (Davidson) on a school visit," Baker said. "And I just fell in love with their environment, and just the people. The community is nice and I met a bunch of great people."

But the passion from the game stemmed from something more. In fact, it was a tradition Baker built with his Uncle Charles, attending nearly every North Carolina A&T home football game ever since he was a child.

"He was a really big influence in my life," Baker said. "He was the family patriarch. From the time I was a little child, I was with him every Saturday football or not. He was a real big part of my life to learn to love the game of football that I do now."

Baker said he tries to play this game and live his life to model after Uncle Charles, and he will next season, as a Davidson Wildcat.