GREENSBORO, NC -- Big weather changes for us heading into the weekend as we go from very warm, to downright chilly. Cold air is moving in from the north, and will bring some showers at times. This cool air leaves us Sunday afternoon, as we head back to our warm weather ways for Monday.

Southwest winds pumped temperatures above 80 degrees Friday afternoon across the Piedmont. Very warm for this time of year, but not breaking any records. At the same time, a cold front is marching our way from the north. This cool air creates a few scattered showers for our Friday evening, with clouds building in overnight.

This cool air will create clouds and showers to start the day on Saturday. Showers will begin to taper off through the middle of the day, but we'll still see clouds and occasional drizzle. It will also be quite chilly. Temperatures will start the day near 60, but falling into the low 50s by the end of the afternoon. After our recent warmth, this will feel downright chilly.

Sunday will start out cloudy and cool, and it will take a while before any clearing will take hold. Eventually, some sunshine will peek out by the afternoon. Temperatures will struggle to warm, sticking around 60 for much of the day, and then warming to the mid 60s by day's end.