CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Animal experts are warning pet owners about a rise in snake activity as the temperatures drop for fall.

"When she jerked back she had a snake on her nose-- a copperhead," said William Johnson, a south Charlotte resident.

Rain or shine, William Johnson takes his two dogs for a walk. Only on this specific Sunday, Sabrina sniffed somewhere she probably shouldn't have.

"We've been walking these dogs for nine years in the same place over the same spot doing the same thing every day," said Johnson. "She jerked back and she had a snake hanging on her lip."

Sabrina was bitten twice. Her partner in crime was bitten three times. Both dogs survived the snake bites, but not all dogs are so lucky. That's why experts say be careful, there may be a surge in snake sightings this fall.

"This year with the change in weather, we've had lots more calls," said Allen Eckman, a manager at A-1 Wildlife Control.

Sydney Stimpson can vouch for that. In recent weeks she's had three close calls with copperheads.

"This snake was over four feet and probably that big in diameter," said Sydney Stimpson, a south Charlotte resident. "He was so strong I could barely hold him down on the ground. He kept getting away from me and slithered further down the deck."

Two of out the three times Sydney came face to face with a copperhead she was walking her dog.

"Now I walk with a flashlight at night and I scan the area," said Stimpson.