GREENSBORO, NC -- Florida is now bracing for Hurricane Irma, which is expected to deliver a direct hit as a strong Category 4 hurricane. Our WFMY News 2 Weather Team is on top of it.

Irma continues to churn in the Atlantic, marching on a path toward Florida. A landfall in South Florida on Sunday is becoming more likely, and it's likely that the storm will still be a Category 4 or 5 when it hits, bringing devastating impacts to the area.

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After it gets to Florida, it will turn north. The degree of this turn is still in question, but the current forecast from the National Hurricane Center takes it up the East Coast of Florida and then turns it into Georgia and farther northwest.

On this type of a track, the storm will bring wind and rain to the Carolinas, but the worst of the storm may in fact stay south of our region. In that case, we should still plan for gusty winds to begin on Monday, lasting into Tuesday, with heavy rain bands moving in at times. A few tornadoes will be possible in the Carolinas on this track as well.

Power outages are a possibility, but only if winds get high enough for that. Flash flooding would be a concern in some areas for a time, but long term flooding is not expected.

It's important to remember that the storm is still days away, and that the exact track could shift, changing our impacts.

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Now is the time to re-visit your family's hurricane plan. Make sure you know what you would do if the storm does indeed head your way. It's much easier to prepare well in advance of a storm rather than waiting until the last minute.

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