Here’s a list of ten things you might not know about hurricanes and some of them even surprised us!

1. A large hurricane releases the energy of 10 atomic bombs every second!
2. Hurricane derives from Hurakan, a Mayan god
3. Clement Wragge first man to name hurricanes (1852-1922), often named them after people he didn’t like
4. Until 1978 hurricanes were always given women’s names
5. Hurricane categories range from Category 1 with 74-95 mph to 155+ mph as a Category 5
6. Hurricane names are listed in alphabetical order with alternating male and female names
7. Omitted letters: Q, U, X, Y, Z. After “W” the Greek alphabet is used for names
8. Hurricane list of names rotates through a six year cycle
9. Hurricanes are called cyclones in Indian Ocean and called Typhoons in southeast Asia
10. Most hurricanes to form in a single Atlantic season - 15