HIGH POINT, N.C. - Volunteers with the Red Cross already on the ground in Texas have been hard at work for a number of days. The work load gets heavier as more and more people are forced out of their homes and into shelters.

Earlier this week, we introduced you to a longtime Red Cross volunteer Sally Tarolli from High Point. She's now helping manage a shelter in San Antonio, about three hours from Houston.

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Not a day goes by when her husband, Dick Tarolli, doesn't worry about his wife of more than 50 years on front lines when disaster strikes. But he knows this is her passion, and if anyone's up for the job - it's her.

Back in High Point clear roads and pleasant weather provide a direct contrast to Houston, Texas, as Harvey continues to pound the coast.

“It's hard to get your hands on the whole thing. There's so much destruction. Some people just give up,” he said.

Like most - he sees that destruction on television. But he also hears about it from his wife. She's been heading into the disaster zones for 12 years.

“She started at Katrina. That was three weeks of hell for me, for her obviously. But with her being gone for three weeks and me not being used to her being gone, it was really tough,” he said.

Sally is now working in San Antonio inside the shelters.

“She’s managing and taking care of seniors,” she said.

Dick is glad she's out of harm’s way - hours from the Hurricane's path. He's proud of her drive and passion, how she drops everything to go when people need it most.

“It's terribly rewarding for Sally. Every time I pick her up from the airport, my gosh, she's got buckets of tears coming down and then I follow suit,” he said.

He says she will likely be there for another week and a half.