GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Greensboro Fire Department's Swift Water Rescue Team will head to Texas after an emergency request.

The team is among five others in North Carolina who will head to Texas on Thursday.

"I want to be down there. And I want to be helping," said Firefighter Jonathan Moore, who is a member of the Swift Water Rescue Team.

Moore has been called in to help with flood rescues during Hurricane Joaquin, Hurricane Arthur and Hurricane Matthew. He says pictures he's seen on the news of the devastation in Houston, bring back memories of previous rescue missions.

"It reminds me a lot of Hurricane Matthew. Just widespread flooding, lots of people displaced, lots of people trapped in their homes when the water rose past what they thought it might," he said. "It's tough to see it firsthand and realize that they are out. That's it. They don't have anything left but each other."

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Moore and his team have saved dozens of people and animals who were trapped inside homes during flooding. It can be a dangerous job, but Moore says he's eager to help.

"It's usually harder when you come home. When we come home and I get to go home to my family and everything is all right. We are dry. We're safe-- I'm safe. That's when it usually hits," he explained. "You realize that that's going to be their life for the next several months. They have to rebuild everything."

The Greensboro Swift Water Rescue Team will head to College Station, Texas. The five teams from across the state include 92 workers from the following safety organizations:

• Raleigh Team– Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill fire departments
• Fayetteville Team – Fayetteville Fire Dept., Fayetteville Police Dept., Cumberland County EMS and Lumberton Rescue & EMS
• Henderson County Team – Henderson County Rescue Squad
• Greensboro Team – Greensboro Fire Department
• Charlotte Team – Charlotte Fire Department
• One emergency services coordinator from North Carolina Emergency Management
The teams will help with rescues.