Help is arriving in Houston from across the country. A Triad doctor is one of them - trying to make a difference.

Dr. Don Winters is a pediatric physician from Thomasville. He's part of a doctor network that responds to disasters - and is in Texas this week.

This video from the Washington Post shows Dr. Winters replacing a baby's G-tube - the child's only food source. The baby and his parents are now living inside of the city's largest shelter of around 10 thousand people. Doctor Winters says once the disaster medical team gets to where they need to go - it's non-stop work just like this.

“For me it's always overwhelming to see the sheer numbers of people that have been displaced many of them who will not have homes to go back to,” he said.

He'll be there for another week or so. Medical staff have two week rotations, then another team from a different state will take over. When they set up the hospital inside the shelters - the disaster team has enough to operate with outside help for three straight days.

“Personally, it's fulfilling because I know that there are a lot of physicians who just can't or won't do this, because it is a lot to go to this austere environment with whatever you’re caring with you, with the bags that you carry in terms of supplies and the remainder of all the team members,” said Winters.

Winters says every doctor or medical professional out here serves a very important purpose during this time of great need. During today's 12 hours shift his shelter, again, the biggest in the city, served more than 330 people.

As far as this video, he wasn't expecting this much attention. He says, like everyone else - he's just doing his job.