HIGH POINT, NC -- As people on the coast prepare for Hurricane Matthew, volunteers at Safe Haven Equine Rescue and Retirement are preparing for more horses.

The rescue is taking in horses that are in Matthew's path. They already have six on the way and are expecting even more.

"We've got a couple of pastures already waiting on them that are empty," Gin Wiltsey said.

Wiltsey said empty stables and pastures could be full by the weekend. Safe Haven and two other farms are working together to help home the horses. They said they can take around thirty.

"We saw that this hurricane, Hurricane Matthew, is developing and you know the first thing I thought is 'well, dogs and cats we can put in our cars and evacuate and leave.' When you look at an animal this size that's not going in a car," she said.

Wiltsey said it's dangerous to leave an equine companion in the path of a major storm. Fences could blow over and horses could escape. Or structures, like barns, could crumble. Instead these animals will have a safe haven in the Triad.

"I know I would want to have all of my animals, my horse, my dog my cat, whatever I have to be out of harm's way just like I want to be."

The rescue is doing this all for free but donations are welcome.

If you know someone who needs to move their horse to the High Point stables call WIltsey at 336-884-2007 or send the rescue an email at sherrnc@gmail.com. You can also check our their Facebook Page for more information.