GREENSBORO, N.C. -- When disaster strikes, brave volunteers dive in to help without hesitation.

Triad Red Cross Volunteer Jim Guidone is one of hundreds of preparing to deploy to the North Carolina Coast for Hurricane Matthew.

Guidone has helped after about 20 different disasters including Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy and the Sandy Hook shooting.

He vividly remembers handing out teddy bears after Sandy Hook.

"You knew they were scared, holding their mom's hands in one hand and holding one of our teddy bears with the other," Guidone remembers. "And the look in their eyes-- I'll just never forget that. It made it all worthwhile, us being there."

Volunteers like Guidone plan to help by providing shelter, food, water and first aid in the wake of the hurricane.

"We'll also be giving out lot of hugs," Guidone said.

Guidone is not sure how long he'll be deployed for but says he's prepared to help as long as necessary.

"It can be anything from days to weeks," He explained. "During Katrina I was there a month."