GREENSBORO, NC -- Today will be the last day of sunny, quiet weather this week. Starting tomorrow, the weather will become more active for the rest of the week.

As we head into the work week, a stationary front will set up across the Carolinas. This front will steer several weak upper level disturbances across the area. These disturbances will squeeze out a few showers & storms from time to time Tuesday through Thursday.  


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The rain chance during this period will generally stay in the 30-40% range. Rain chances will increase more by the end of the week as a stronger system moves in. Friday will be our next best chance of more widespread shower & thunderstorm activity.

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Bottom Line: Just keep the umbrella handy, just in case you get caught under one of those showers.

In addition to rain chances, this pattern will also cause our temperatures to vary from day to day. A stationary front will wobble north to south, leading to a wide range of temperature across the area each day. North of the front, highs may stay in the 60s, south of the front, 70s will be possible. The temperatures on the 7 Day Forecast this week are area wide averages, so it may be a little warmer or cooler in yor neighborhood.

Here's a look at the latest 7 Day Forecast:


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