Here’s what parents may want to think about before heading out for a day in the park when the temperatures are sky high.

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  • Apply 20 minutes beforehand so it can bind to the skin
  • Don’t rub it in too much, let it soak in on its own
  • Reapply every two hours
  • SPF is only as advertised if you get the quantity right: An adult should wear a full ounce (that’s about the size of a shot glass). Children should wear about the same. A recent study found people are only wearing half to a quarter of the recommended amount.


  • Pack lots of extra water
  • Pack snacks that offer electrolytes, like bananas
  • Track how often your child urinates, and what color it is

Parents protect yourself

A long-running myth that 80 percent of one’s sun exposure happens in childhood isn’t true. It’s actually about a quarter. So, not all the damage has already been done: grown-ups should be slathering up their sunscreen, too.