GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Lightning struck a tree at Greensboro Science Center’s SKYWILD ropes course.

Dustin Murtaugh, with SKYWILD said they discovered the lighting strike to the tree on Monday, during a routine daily morning inspection.

“Every morning that we show up here were going to inspect our course before our guests arrive. So, during that inspection Monday morning they did find a few trees were stuck by lightning. We did take an indirect hit to a tree that was attached to our course,” said Murtaugh.

SKYWILD called a certified arborist who came to inspect the tree and determined to take the top off as a precautionary measure.

“After it was inspected all the hardware that was attached to that tree that's part of our course was inspected as well. Everything was deemed structurally stable and operable at this point,” said Murtaugh.

SKYWILD said for the short term they can continue to use it. But there’s a long-term plan according to Murtaugh, “For the long term were going to actually have to remove that tree or bring a pole in or we might be able to move that platform to one of the adjacent trees.”

SKYWILD only had to close one course for a day to make the repairs.

Employees physically do the course every morning to make sure everything is ready for their guests.

“We have, a varying set of points to inspect whether it's stuff like the environment of the trees or the hardware on the course, were inspecting all the gear every day,” said Murtaugh.

SKYWILD has been open since May 2015 and this is the first-time lighting has struck a tree.