GREENSBORO, NC -- Severe weather hit the Triad Monday afternoon with high winds that downed trees, knocked over power lines, started a fire, and even damaged a car.

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The storms are out of our area now, but there is plenty of damage left behind.

In Asheboro, a huge tree fell on top of a car, completely destroying it. Several more downed trees were reported in the Asheboro area and Randolph County as well.

In Greensboro, the WFMY News 2 Weather Team tracked a rotating wall cloud on the Greensboro skycam. Chief Meteorologist Tim Buckley says a wall cloud is often the pre-cursor to a tornado. As it rotates, it can sometimes create a funnel cloud, which becomes a tornado if it reaches the ground.

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With that same storm, WFMY viewer Nic Robertson spotted a funnel cloud over Lake Brandt. You can see it clearly in the photo. He noted that the funnel cloud remained above the tree line, and lasted only briefly, never touching down.

Funnel cloud over Lake Brandt in Greensboro.

Downed trees and power lines created widespread power outages across the Piedmont, with Kernersville and Summerfield being hit particularly hard. Several thousand people were without power after the storms rolled through.

Quiet weather will return to the area overnight into tomorrow morning. Winds will remain gusty on Tuesday, but we'll have much lower humidity, and a very comfortable afternoon.