MADISON, N.C. – Monday’s showers and storms had Rockingham County on edge. Businesses-owners in downtown Madison were left with clearing another flash-flood mess, just three nights ago.

On Monday, it was all hands-on deck to prevent it from happening again. Madison's Mayor and town manager packed hundreds of sandbags to stop water from getting inside businesses, if flooding returned.

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The sound everyone in Madison wants to hear: a properly-working drain. Business owners in the downtown, which has now flooded twice in three weeks, are on high alert when rain is in the forecast.

“Everybody’s tired, we've had some long nights and we are down here kind of keeping an eye on the drains tonight, hopefully not get any flooding,” said Bobby Pleasants, owner of Madison Art and Frame.

“If we get anything tonight hopefully it will be pretty late,” said Danny Smith, owner of Flynn Furniture.

Both Pleasants and Smith tired of all the flooding. Sand bags were placed in front of their stores as a precaution, but it's not a permanent solution. The bigger issue is the storm drain grates: getting blocked by debris, sending water elsewhere like into businesses and homes.

“They said they'll help us out, so we’re going give them a chance to do what they need to do,” said Smith, “And they're all talking about getting it taken care of, so we'll see.”

Madison was spared from today's threat of severe storms. People are thankful they didn't seen another round of flooding.

“It’s kind of tough, twice in three weeks you know,” said Pleasants, “You’re kind of afraid to do repairs because you don't know if the problem isn’t fixed, it could happen again.”

The Mayor of Madison said paperwork had been filed to declare a state of emergency. The goal: to get FEMA money to help flooding victims recover.