WENTWORTH, N.C. -- A Triad mother is suspected of selling her daughters for sex. Wednesday morning, one of the so-called clients pleaded guilty in a Rockingham County courtroom.

Everitt Ferris Junior is one of 5 people charged in this prostitution case, including the girl's mother and another man, Mickey Snow, who authorities say fled to Thailand to avoid arrest.

Everett only answered a few questions from the judge in court. The statement he gave police after he was arrested in September was read aloud.

Ferris detailed his relationship with the girls' mother and the two victims.

"It discussed the locations they went to, it discussed what they did," said Craig Blitzer, District Attorney, Rockingham County.

"It discussed the amounts of money he paid to the children's mother in exchange for these services. It was pretty graphic and pretty disturbing."

Blitzer says the two girls are mentally challenged.

Ferris pleaded guilty to 6 counts Patronizing a Prostitute With A Severe or Profound Disability and 6 counts Indecent Liberties With a Minor. He will be sentenced in a few months. Blitzer says he will likely spend 7 years in prison.

The 67-year-old said in a police statement that he started the relationship with the girls' mother about 3 years ago. She would always call him for money for a light bill or something, Ferris explained.

He said he would pay her for services and then in 2014 for one of their appointments, the mother brought her daughter for Ferris.

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In the police statement, Ferris said he thought it was 'weird' but didn't object. Ferris said he met with the young girl 3 times.

Ferris told police the mother brought her younger daughter to see him in late 2014. He also saw her 3 times.

"With children, you're just crossing every boundary known to humankind and at the end of his statement, he made a comment that he was telling the girls' mother she needed to stop doing what she was doing, which I found utterly flabbergasting since he's the one paying for the girls to have sex with him," said Blitzer.

"I believe the very last line was it made him sick. So at least for Mr. Ferris, the 6th time made him sick. Not the first 5."

Four other people are charged in this case. Tommy Woodall is charged with 12 counts Statutory Sex Offense and 12 counts of Patronizing a Prostitute. Mickey Snow is charged with 6 counts Statutory Sex Offense and 6 counts of Patronizing a Prostitute. Donnie Carter is charged with 3 counts of Indecent Liberties with a Minor and 1 count Patronizing a Prostitute.

WFMY News 2 is not releasing the name of the mother in this case although she is a suspect and she has been charged.

She will be in court in April.

Eden Police started investigating this case back in September.

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