With hot summer temperatures scorching the Triad, 2 Wants To Know the best ways to keep your air conditioner running smoothly.

Bob Hamlett with Kay's Heating And Air Warehouse in Greensboro says his team of 5 tech repairmen keep busy with up to 40 calls a day.

In the summer, Hamlett says his crew often repairs issues with the electrical contactor and the capacitator, but some of the calls are just to refill A/C units with freon.

Hamlett says people need to watch the coils inside the unit closely, and you should replace the coils every spring.

Don't forget about your air filters, either. Dirty filters limit how air moves through your home, so the dirtier your filter is, the less cool air you'll get circulating. Hamlett recommends change the air filter every 30 days.

He says air conditioning can be one of the most expensive home repairs, so maintaining your unit is crucial. Hamlett says A/C units should get replaced every 15 years or so. Older units running on Freon 22 will need to get replaced sooner than later, because Freon 22 gets phased out in 2020.

With highs over the next few days in the Triad reaching into the mid and upper 90s, be sure to keep a close eye on your air conditioning.