BURLINGTON, NC -- When power lines go down, utility workers go up and with Hurricane Matthew approaching, they're prepared for a busy weekend.

Duke Energy crews are prepared to respond to outages on the coast but their priority is the Triad. Our area could see up to three inches of rain because of the storm.

"You get that combination of wet soil, and it’s already drenched from the past rainfalls, high winds will make the trees blow all around, things will blow over, trees will get in the lines things will get airborne that don’t normally get airborne," Davis Montgomery, District Manager of Duke Energy said.

Responding to power outages is always dangerous, but in stormy situations the threat increases.

"If you imagine a bucket truck that’s 35, 35 feet in the air and you’ve got wind gusts of 35, 40 miles an hour," Montgomery said. "It’s moving that bucket around in ways it doesn’t normally do so you’re coming in contact with or close proximity to high voltage lines, trees and they’re coming into contact with you so it just creates a dangerous situation."

Duke Energy says customers should be patient but also prepared. Pack an emergency kit now in case your power goes out. Include things like a flashlight, extra batteries, non-perishable food and water.

Also, don't assume your energy provider knows you don't have power. Make sure to call and let them know about any outages.