Reality Is Setting In: I Have To Fit Into A Bridesmaid's Dress

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- It's time that I face reality -- and that reality -- time is slipping away from me.

Recently on the Good Morning Show I brought something very special with me. I showed the bridesmaid's dress that I have to fit into for my best friend's wedding. The wedding is in March so there's still some time for me to get into the dress. However the dress was about five sizes too small when I bought it. But I had to buy it early last year out of fear that it wouldn't be available in February of 2014. That meant I had to guess what size I would be in because I knew I was going to be starting my weight loss journey when I bought the dress.

I'm still holding onto hope that I can fit into the dress come March 29, 2014. The dress is a size 16, but I'm not sure if it runs small. Right now I can get the dress on my body but it will not zip, at least not yet. But I do have a game plan to try and fit in the dress.
First, I've placed the dress in a visual spot for me to look at daily in my house. I've placed it on the outside door to a closet in our living room. I also took a tip from a Weight Watcher representative who suggested I take a picture of the dress and use it as a screen saver on my iPhone. I must say that tip is really working as I almost have a panic attack every time I need to unlock my phone.

I'm also making several changes at home in order to help me get into the dress and also reach my 100 lbs. goal this year. I've created a menu calendar that I keep on the refrigerator to help me plan for dinner each night. I write down the name of the Weight Watcher recipe, the point's value, and the name of the book that I can find the recipe in. I've also color coded the recipe books on the calendar to help make it easier. This is a major change for me as I never plan out meals ahead of time.

I'm also making lots, lots, lots more changes at home that I can't wait to share with you in the coming weeks and months. I'm also rededicating my weight loss journey to help keep me motivated. My goal remains to lose 10 lbs. per month as I reach my final weight goal loss of 100 lbs. I'm now down 26 lbs.

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