Mending Broken Relationships

Is your relationship too distant and you fight over the simplest things? Jill White-Huffman, Licensed Professional Counselor & Marriage Family Therapist, shared the following helpful tips on the Good Morning Show:

1. 3 Signs that may indicate that your relationship may be in trouble:

  • When couples stop talking.
  • Couples try hard to avoid one another.
  • When couples talk to third parties negatively about their relationship.

2. Why does this happen?

  • They become frustrated with one another and fear rejection if confronted with these issues.
  • When needs are not fulfilled.
  • When couples stop talking to one another.

3. What are some tips that may be helpful in having a happy, healthier relationship?

  • Planned quality time together.
  • Talking about the important things with one another.
  • Using resources that cultivate your relationship.

If you would like to reach Jill in private you can contact her by calling 336-855-1860 or email her at Also to learn more about Jill visit


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