Dying Dog Lives To See His Owner's Wedding

Nothing was going to stop Charlie from seeing his person say ‘I do.’ Not even a tumor.

The 15-year-old black lab witnessed Kelly O’Connell and James Garvin get hitched in Colorado earlier this month, despite an advanced brain tumor.

“He was the central figure to one of the most touching displays of love for family (both human and canine) that I have seen at a wedding,” Jen Dziuvenis, the couple’s wedding photographer wrote in a Facebook post.

McConnell and Charlie had spent 15 years together after she found him as a puppy in a store shopping cart. After getting married, McConnell and Garvin, both veterinarians, became parents to five dogs, including Charlie.

Although Charlie was able to walk down the aisle on his own, he had used up all his energy that day, and was unable to walk back during the recessional. That’s when the bride’s maid of honor stepped in. She said, ‘I’m not leaving you behind,” and carried the 80 pound dog back down the aisle.

After Charlie made it back with the maid of honor’s help, O’Connell stroked his face and told Charlie how happy she was that he had made it.


“There isn't enough mascara in the world for these moments,” Dzieuvenis wrote. “Dog people are the best people.”

Nine days after McConnell and Garvin got married, Charlie lost his battle with cancer.

“The amount of love these people have for their animals is enough to restore anyone's faith in humanity,” Dziuvenis wrote. “These are good people. Charlie is one lucky boy.”

PHOTOS: Dying dog lives to see his owners’ wedding


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