Recipes: Devalls Cajun Cuisine Catfish Etouffee & Etouffee Gravy

Devalls Cajun Cuisine Recipes

What you will need

Devall's Catfish Etouffee

serves 6 people

6 pieces of filet catfish (5-7) or (7-9) oz.

3 Cups flour

1 cup cornmeal

Seasoning to taste

1tble spoon black pepper

1 teaspon red pepper

½ cup garlic powder

Wash catfish in milk and water combined

Mix all ingredients together and batter your catfish

Double dip catfish back into milk water, then back into flour, 2 ½ cups water and ½ cup milk

Drop fish into oil at 375 degrees to golden brown, place on paper towel to drain grease

Fry fish after your Etouffee gravy has been made

Etouffee Gravy

What you will need

One Stick of butter

½ cup of oil

½ cup finely chopped fresh garlic

½ Bunch finely chopped celery

1 large white onion finely chopped

1 can diced tomatoes with juice

½ Gallon shrimp stock, use shrimp shells to make stock

1 ½ cup of flour

½ teaspoon red pepper if you like it spicy

2 pounds head on shrimp (peel shrimp use heads and shells for stock)

Melt butter down with oil, first, pour in flour, start on low heat then medium heat, stirring constantly, till peanut butter color, place all ingredients except for the shrimp stock and stir, for about 5 mintues, then add shrimp stock and bring to a boil, Continue to stir on low heat, put top on and check every so often, cook on low for about 2hours. Add uncooked shrimp the last 15 minutes, then turn off and let sit for about 10minutes, deep fry catfish, once done place catfish on plate. Cover catfish with your etouffee gravy and shrimp, garnish with fresh green onions and fresh parsley

Served with potato salad coleslaw, or a green salad


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