Recipes From Reto's Kitchen: Asparagus & Choux Puffs

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 Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto - roasted, with goat cheese


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Serving Size  : 10    Preparation Time :0:00

Categories    : - cocktail menu                 Hors D'oeuvre


  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method

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  20                    asparagusge

  2             ounces  goat cheese

                        piping bag

  10            slices  prosciutto, la quercia -- cut in half

                        olive oil


                        parchment paper


place goat cheese in piping bag and soften at room temperature

trim asparagus

cut prosciutto slices in half

pipe a 2 inch long 1/4 inch wide line of goat cheese on the prosciutto

tightly roll uncooked asparagus in the prosciutto

set on sheet pan lined with parchment paper

drizzle with a little olive oil


preheat oven to 350

bake for 15 minutes for thick asparagus

if asparagus are thin, bake at 400 for 10 minutes


season with freshly ground pepper



  "20 each"

       Choux puffs with creamy blue cheese mousse and roasted pear


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Serving Size  : 20    Preparation Time :0:00

Categories    : - cocktail menu


  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method

--------  ------------  --------------------------------


                        piping bag

                        parchment paper

     3/4         pound  gorgonzola cheese -- crumbled, at room temperature

     1/2           cup  cream -- or more if needed

                        more cream -- as needed to make a soft paste

                        piping bag


  1 1/2                 pears -- washed

     1/8           cup  sugar

                        parchment paper


                        small serrated knife


crumble blue cheese and let it come to room temperature

add cream and mix with a spoon, mashing to make it a soft paste

place in piping bag



pre-heat convection to 450 degrees, line pan with foil first, then parchment paper

wash, cut into quarters with skin on, trim off pips and woody parts, slice in small 1/4 inch slices

sprinkle to coat with sugar 

roast in convection for 8 minutes until soft and brown


cut puff with serrated knife, to create a small lid and a larger bottom cup

pipe blue cheese in bottom

top with a piece of pear, and put lid back on



  "30 puffs"

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