This Salad And Sandwich Are Anything But Ordinary

WFMY – If a fresh summer salad or a big meaty sandwich sound like the perfect lunch, Jason's Deli is the place for you!

Josh Crigler, the General Manager of the Greensboro location, joined the Good Morning Show crew on Saturday to make some of his favorite recipes.

The recipes for Jason's Deli Nutty Mixed-Up Salad, and their famous New Orleans Muffaletta are below.

Nutty Mixed-Up Salad

o Organic field greens

o Grilled chicken, chopped (Leave chicken off for vegetarian version)

o Grapes

o Feta

o Cranberry-walnut mix

-Dried cranberries

- Black raisins

- Walnuts

- Almonds

- Pumpkin seeds

o Organic apples

o Choice of dressing (we like balsamic vinaigrette!)


o Start with bed of organic field greens in bowl

o Mound grapes into two piles across from each other on lip of bowl

o Take organic apple slices and place across from each other on lip of bowl

o Layer feta and cranberry-walnut mix on top of organic field greens

o Top salad with chopped chicken

o Dress with balsamic vinaigrette or your dressing of choice

New Orleans Muffaletta

o Leidenheimer muffaletta bread

o Jason's Deli family recipe olive mix

o Premium ham

o Premium salami

o Provolone

o Toast in the oven


o Start with whole loaf of muffaletta bread cut in half lengthwise

- Different bread will produce different result

- If substituting bread, use a hearty bread that is crusty on the outside

o Spread olive salad evenly over bottom portion of loaf

- Mound in the center and spread all the way to the edges, pressing into bread while you spread

o Place premium ham and salami on top of olive salad

- Distribute ham and salami evenly, getting all the way to the edge without going over

o Cover ham and salami with provolone cheese

- Distribute evenly over whole loaf, getting all the way to the edge without going over

o Top provolone with one more coat of olive salad

- Mound in center and spread all the way to edge without going over

o Place top bun on top of sandwich and press into olive salad beneath it

o For best results, wrap with plastic wrap and let sit in refrigerator for 30 minutes to allow olive oil to marinate bread before serving

- Keeps bread soft on the inside

-W - When ready to serve, cut into quarters and toast until cheese is melted and bread is crusty on the outside


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