Macaroni Grill Recipes: Florentine Salad & Farfalle Al Sugo Bianco

Florentine Salad


Chopped Spinach 4 cups

Radicchio ½ cup

Cooked Orzo Pasta 1 cup

Roma Tomatoes, Diced 2 ea

Sea Salt ½ tsp

Black Pepper ½ tsp

Black Olives, Sliced ¼ cup

Balsamic Vinaigrette 4 fl oz

Grated Parmesan ¼ cup

Serves 4


-In a mixing bowl, combine spinach, radicchio, orzo, tomatoes, salt, pepper, olives, and dressing.

-Toss until all ingredients are fully coated with dressing.

-Top with parmesan,


Farfalle Al Sugo Bianco


Vegetable Oil 1 oz

Diced Onions ½ cup

Diced Pancetta ½ cup

Sliced Grilled Chicken 1 cup

Asiago Cream Sauce 2 cups (You can substitute another creamy cheese sauce)

Bowtie Pasta, Cooked 4 cups

Grated Parmesan 2 Tbsp

Serves 2


-In a saute pan, heat vegetable oil.

-Add onions and pancetta, and heat until pancetta is crispy and onions are translucent.

-Add sliced chicken, and heat for 30-45 seconds.

-Add Asiago sauce, and heat until warmed.

-Add bowtie and pasta and toss until pasta is well coated with sauce.

-Top with parmesan



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