The Selfie Obituary: Having The True Last Word

Greensboro, NC -- In today's busy world we don't have time to wait on much of anything. And now some folks are taking that to the next level....their obituary. Better to get it out of the way early than to wait on the other thing that's inevitable other than taxes.

Ask anyone middle aged and up and they will probably tell you that the world is becoming self-absorbed. The trend of the "selfie" is a perfect example. But taking that snapshot of one's life is becoming more and more a part of life. But it's also becoming a part of death.We're talking about the trend of preparing our OWN obituary. Some call them "selfie obits"

Jim Lutzweiler is making a living at producing video obituaries with his business called Talking Tombstones. You can reach him at

Susan Soper, a retired newpaper editor in Atlanta. She sells what she calls "Obit Kits". The do-it-yourself guide to an auto-obituary. Everything from the funeral plan to the eulogy. All written by you.She says one generation in particular is driving this idea... the baby boomers. She says boomers want to control every aspect of their lives. Right down to the "last word". Her website is .

Its not for everyone but it is a sign of the times. Only you can decide if the selfie obit is the way you want to be remembered.


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