Triad Father Helps Spread Driving Danger Lessons

EDEN, N.C. -- Kevin London lost two of his daughters in a drunk driving crash in July 2012.

"It has been over 21 months since the crash. It seems like yesterday," London said.

Taylor was 23 years old and Meredith was just 18 years old. The driver, who police say was driving while impaired, was a family friend.

London teamed up with the Eden Youth Council to bring more awareness to drunk driving. Laura Shumate, with Eden Youth Council told WFMY News 2's Tony Smith, she was touched by London's story and she wanted to get his participation with the Eden Youth Council project.

On Saturday at Freedom Park, during Ribfest, they had several demonstrations to bring drunk driving dangers to life.

One of the demonstrations allowed people to drive a golf cart while wearing vision-impaired goggles. The vision-impaired goggles showed the driver how difficult it really is to drive impaired.

"On the road it's not about how old you are. It's just everyone is out there and try to stay as safe as you can. So, that's why we wanted to bring the event here," Laura Shumate, an Eden Youth Council Member, said.

"It is something that they can go back and share with their classmates and community," said London.

To learn more about MADD's plan to eliminate drunk driving, visit their website.

To learn more about London's Twitter campaign, follow @enddrunkdriving.

London says he uses @enddrunkdriving to remind people of his two daughters who were taken away too soon because of a choice someone made. Follow him for statistics to help remind you of the dangers involved with drunk driving.


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