2 Test: Auto Cool

The dog days of summer can be steamy for cars that sit in the hot sun for hours at a time.

"It's just terrible," Brian says.

He's more than willing to try Auto Cool, a solar-powered ventilation system that claims to keep cars cool no matter how long they're left in the sun.

"If it works, I'll definitely buy one," he says.

Brian reads the product's directions, then places the device in the middle of a car's window.

To truly test the Auto Cool, 11Alive photojournalist David Brooks places a thermometer in the car and another one in a car without the device. A couple hours later, Brian is ready to check the temperatures of both cars.

"This is the car that we did not use the fan, the Auto Cool, and reading 126 degrees," he says. "And this car here, we did use the Auto Cool, the fan, and it's still about 125 degrees, so not much difference between the two cars."

For comparison, Brian sits in the car without the Auto Cool.

"Oh, pretty hot," he says.

Then he sits in the "Auto Cooled" car, but doesn't see much of a difference.

Brian thinks the product is full of hot air. He gives the Auto Cool two thumbs down.


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