Neese's Helps Put The Perfect Bacon Bowl To the 2 Test

GREENSBORO, NC -- What problem can bacon not solve? If you're hungry? Bacon fills your tummy. If you're sad, bacon makes you happy. It's good for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Perfect Bacon Bowl claims to make bacon even better! Who better to test this than Andrea Neese of Neese's sausage and bacon!

The box shows it's as simple as wrap, cook and enjoy. The written instructions show only 3 steps, but if you miss the orange card insert, you could be in trouble.

"Do not spray oil onto the perfect bacon bowl." Once the bowls are oiled up(by spraying oil onto a paper towel and then wiping the down the bowl) the assembling begins. All you need is three strips of bacon per bowl. The first strip is cut the first strip into two.

"We're going to make an x on the bowl." Step 2 : wrap the second strip fat side up around the bottom.

"It's fairly easy to maneuver,but the bacon is slippery."

Step 3: wrap strip three fat side up overlapping strip two. Andrea makes a second bowl and now we're ready to cook.

The directions say start with 2 minutes in the microwave on high. But when the two minutes are up, Andrea says, "The instructions say we may need to cook for 30 more seconds if it is not the desired crispness. It may need to go 30 more seconds."

Both bowls needed extra time. "It has shrunk a little bit, but they do come off of here quite nicely. The first one was a trial, the second one was better formed. I think that if you do this a couple of times, you'll get it down pat it's easy to use."

Just like the box, we filled the bacon bowls with eggs and a salad. The only thing left to do was eat, "The bacon is delicious. Very good. I could eat this whole thing. Can I have this?" .

Yes, it was that good. After all-- it's bacon! The Perfect Bacon Bowl can be cooked three ways: the microwave, oven or toaster oven.

2WTK cooked one in the oven and it came out just fine. But at 375-degrees it took about 40 minutes. The microwave version tasted just as good for a lot less time. We found The Perfect Bacon Bowl at Bed Bath and Beyond for $10.99.


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