All In One: Travel Charger Powers Four Devices

GREENSBORO, NC -- These days, even a party of one has multiple devices. Families have so many devices that when they travel, they need multiple chargers to keep all those devices powered up. No more. Moneyman Matt Granite found a solution.

He says, the days of packing 5 or 6 chargers are over."My favorite charger that I've actually just finished testing is made by Naztech. The average charger costs $25 but this thing actually replaces 4 chargers."

The charger has four USB 2.0 slots. It doesn't matter whether you have all apple devices or android or a mishmash. To see if the 4 in 1 charger is compliant with the devices you have, search for the brand name Naztech. I found that this worked with almost every device we threw at it.


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