How To Receive Closing Code For Your Business Or Organization

4:46 PM, Dec 4, 2009   |    comments
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To receive a code and password for the WFMY News 2 closing system. You will need to do the following:

Mail or fax to us on your institutions letterhead the following:

-- The name of your institution and the way you want to see it listed. 36 characters maximum, including spaces.

-- Which one of the following categories should your institution be listed as:
Public School, Private School, Business (more than 100 per shift), Business (less than 100 per shift), Business (retail), Daycare (licensed for 50 children or more), Daycare (licensed for less than 50 children), City/Government, Social Agency, Church, Clubs/Organizations, Healthcare (doctor or dentist Office), Healthcare (all others), Other.

-- The mailing address of your institution.

-- The main phone number.

-- The Direct Line for the contact person.

-- The name of the contact person responsible for closing your institution and operating our closing system.

-- The home phone number of that contact person.

-- The e-mail address of the contact person. In the future we plan to use e-mail for all correspondence with this system.

-- The fax number if you have one.

-- The number of people affected by your institution's closing.

For Daycares, the number of Children your daycare is licensed for by the state.

For Churches, the number of parishioners effected by the cancellation of services.

To mail your information, send it to:
WFMY News 2 Snow Desk
1615 Phillips Ave.
Greensboro, NC 27405

To fax your information: 336-273-9433


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