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Rare Burgers Could Come To Menus In North Carolina

6:20 PM, May 19, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Order a hamburger in any restaurant in North Carolina and customers expect it to come one way: done.

Because of the concern of EColi, restaurants are required to cook ground beef to a temperature of 155 degrees fahrenheit.

Customers at Fincastles in Greensboro come to the restaurant for its burgers, but many don't even ask for their burger to be cooked a certain way.

So if you want a rare or medium rare burger Memorial Day weekend, you better cook it on your own grill.

State regulations require the 155-degree temperature minimum.  But next year people might not have to be so limited in their tastes.

If we adopt the FDA's Food Code, that 155-degree burger temperature requirement would go away.   The only stipulation is that the restaurant would have to post a warning.

If they do that, have that burger your way.

Community Health Educator, Sandy Ellington with Guilford County Department of Heath said don't forget that the reason for not allowing rare burgers now is the potential for E-Coli.

"It attacks the kidneys. The kidneys stop functioning, and they have to go on dialysis and some of them recover and some of them don't and because we have had so many people die that's where the health regulation came in," explained Ellington. 

When you check your burgers, don't determine if it's done based on color alone.  Use a thermometer and cooking a burger to 155-degrees doesn't mean your burger is charred. 

ON THE WEB: Learn more about the underground movement to serve rare burgers at restaurants:

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