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Powerball Numbers For June 1 Drawing

5:49 PM, Jun 1, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, N.C. -- Step inside Kiran Tella's, "All in One" shop, and you'll notice right away, she knows everyone.

"They are the ones who are supporting the business," she said.

Customers shop there just to see her. Well, maybe it's not just to see Kiran. Many people consider it to be a lucky store.

Two people have already won big there. One hit $491,000 and another won $200,000.

"We are hoping for the third winner because everything comes in threes, right?' Tella said

Beverly Bass already has plans for what she'd do with all that cash.

"I'd come back and buy my property. Buy me a brand new house. Buy a new car and go on a trip. Be happy. And, help some of my friends and family," she said.

Of course, everyone knows the chances of winning are slim. But, they know they can always count on Kiran to be or lose.

People who win get two options. They can get the full amount -- in this case, $200 million -- paid to them over 30 years.

They can also take a smaller, lump sump and get $105.2 million in this particular game.

The government would take 32 percent of your money before you even saw a penny. If you choose the pay out over time option, $64 million would go to the government. If you'd rather get more the money all at once, Uncle Sam pockets $33.7 million.

Wednesday, June 1 numbers are: 08-18-38-46-56, Powerball: 31, Power Play: 4.


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