Coliseum Complex: Money Maker Or Taker For Greensboro?

5:23 PM, Jun 2, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- The Greensboro Coliseum Complex continues to grow with the ribbon cutting for the new White Oak Amphitheatre.

The aquatic center will join the list of venues when it opens in August, but how much is all of this growth costing you. 

We looked at the operating budget of the city owned facilities.

According to the city budget $1,587,542 of taxpayer money was budgeted to run the Coliseum Complex this year.

The impact of that cost depends on how you look at it. Coliseum Director Matt Brown said the entire complex operates as an economic engine for the city.

"Nobody else has 75 acres of all these venues that create this activity, and the more we do the more we'll be able to generate revenue and get to that point whatever the operating deficit is.  We're creating economic impact in our community that sometimes is ten to 100 times more than our operating deficit," explained Brown. 

The amphitheatre cost $946,000 to build.

More than half of that cost was paid for through private sponsorships. For more on the budget for the Coliseum see below: 

BUDGET REPORTS: War Memorial / White Oak Amphitheatre

City Councilman Zack Matheny said the amphitheatre is helping to bridge the budget gap for the Coliseum Complex. The amphitheatre is expected to operate at a projected individual profit of $197,314. 

"What we're doing today with things like the amphitheatre is figuring out ways to utilize our space to build revenues to get that any deficit that would be on our budget, down," said Matheny.

The White Oak Amphitheatre debuts to concert goers for the first time Sunday, June 5.  The Beach Boys are the inaugural event.  Tickets are still available at the Coliseum Box Office, through Ticketmaster, or at the White Oak Amphitheatre on the day of the concert.

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