WI Firefighters Save Dog's Life With CPR

10:16 AM, Oct 22, 2011   |    comments
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Wausau, WI -- Kim Carlson pulled up to her South Sixth Avenue home Tuesday afternoon, to find it in flames.

The fire started on the second floor in a bedroom, and inside somewhere was her 7-year-old Lab, Koda.

"I was prepared to douse myself with water to get him and Todd said, you can't Kim, you cannot go and I said I have to get that dog, I love him," Carlson said, "I ran up the stairs and I only got up about halfway, and the smoke was so thick and so black and I kept yelling Koda, Koda where are you? Because I new when I left, that he was laying on our bed."

Firefighters found Koda in that bedroom after they saw a rocking chair moving.

Of that moment, Kim said, "I can't believe when I saw Koda come outside, they carried him out and I thought for sure he was no longer with us."

That's when Jared Thompson and Jamie Giese with the Wausau Fire Department stepped in and did the unthinkable.

"As they brought him down but when they laid him down on the ground, we could see that he was struggling quite a bit to breathe and that's when we decided to do a little mouth to snout resusitation," Thompson said.

A decision that saved koda's life, and today, Koda is doing great...and it's all because of those firefighters.

Thompson said, "We're firefighters, this is what we do. I don't care if it's a human, a baby, a child, an animal, this is what we're going to do. We're going to help anybody, anything, anywhere, anytime."

And it's something both Koda and Kim will be forever thankful for...

Kim said, "It was truly a miracle and i'm forever grateful to Jared and Jamie and the fire department and the police department."


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