Redrawn District Maps Leave Women Running Against One Another

9:55 AM, Feb 15, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - Republicans leaders in the General Assembly caused a stir when they released their new district maps because elected women and minorities were grouped together, forcing them to run against each other, and forcing many out.

One of these being forced out, Sen. Linda Garrou, believes women and minorities are being targeted, telling News 2, "what's happening in North Carolina is the marginalization of minorities and women and I think it's gonna be tough."

Republican leaders drew districts that are friendly towards Republicans, something that is just politics, they say.

However, Republican voters are largely male and white, and thus, districts are drawn to reflect that demographic. What's left are isolated districts of minorities and Democrats.

In the North Carolina Senate, there are only six female Senators, and three have decided against running for re-election.

For Sen. Garrou, this means less women in a General Assembly, as she sees it, that is already marginalizing women, saying, "What we found this year, it was extremely discouraging, because there were so few women in the North Carolina Senate, there were six,  there were three Democrats and three Republicans, none of the Republican women were on the leadership team."

And with the General Assembly voting on issues that directly impact women's health, from abortion to funding Planned Parenthood, she feels it is more important than ever to have the voice of women in the General Assembly.

"I can't imagine us having situations that affect men's health, you know, and women not being willing to do some research and do some things."

Garrou added, "It was all politically driven. It was all, let's go for what we can do, how can we put women in a delicate position. For example, we have an issue of rape victims who might have to look at an ultrasound if she's there to have an abortion. A rape victim for heaven's sake!"


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