US Postal Service Moving VA Processing Work To Greensboro, NC

4:23 PM, Feb 23, 2012   |    comments
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Washington-- With no financial relief in sight, the Postal Service is pushing ahead with cuts to more than 260 mail processing centers around the nation. It's part of a billion-dollar cost-cutting effort that will slow delivery of first-class mail.

In a statement, the cash-strapped agency says it completed a review of closings to mail processing centers that were announced last fall. Based on community input and other factors, the post office says it will move forward, beginning in mid-May.

The consolidations are expected to result in a loss of roughly 35,000 jobs. Click here to see full list.

The agency described the move as a necessary cost-saving measure. Mail volume is declining as people and businesses switch to the Internet in place of letters and paper bills.

Carl Walton, spokesperson for the US Postal Service in Greensboro, confirmed that the processing centers in Lynchburg and Roanoke, VA are being consolidated into the processing facility in Guilford County.

Walton said the specifics of the consolidations are still being worked out and he can't say for sure if it will mean more jobs at processing center. The facility is located in the Pleasant Ridge area of Guilford County. 

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