Power Outage In Greensboro Leaves Thousands In The Dark For Hours

10:45 PM, Apr 2, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Monday night several areas in Greensboro were without power for hours. Duke Energy told WFMY the power went out around 5:15pm after mechanical issues at a substation.

Tuesday, Randy Wheeless with Duke Energy said they are still investigating the exact cause of the outage.

Some areas had their power restored by 9:00pm and by 10:30pm, Duke Energy said all power had been restored.


Background: More than 16,000 people remain in the dark in Greensboro Monday evening.

Randy Wheeless, Duke Energy representative, said they had a transmission outage at the substation on Denny Road. Four of the substations circuits went out, and each circuit carries power to 4,000 locations. By 6:50 pm, they restored power to two of the circuits.

Officials are still investigating to figure out what caused the outage.

To report an outage to Duke Energy, call 1-800-POWERON.

WFMY News 2/ Duke Energy

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