Should Doctors Prescribe Vacations?

11:46 AM, May 26, 2012   |    comments
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CBS News-- A new study reveals a link between wellness and happiness, and most people feel very happy after going on vacation.

Jeff Glor and Rebecca Jarvis speak with Dr. Ian Smith about the health benefits of taking time off.

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(CNNMoney) Dubbed the "no vacation nation," the United States lags behind most other developed countries when it comes to vacation days. But Americans don't seem to mind.

Most workers don't use all their vacation days in the first place.
About 57% of working Americans had unused vacation time at the end of 2011, and most of them left an average of 11 days on the table - or nearly 70 percent of their allotted time off, according to a study performed by Harris Interactive for JetBlue.

Employers certainly aren't complaining. Separate data from financial information company Sageworks shows profits-per-employee are at a 10-year high. Could workers cramming in more hours be a factor? Yes, says Libby Bierman, a Sageworks analyst.

As companies cut back on staff during the recession, they learned how to get by with a leaner workforce and rely more on technology.

Since then, employees who saw their workloads build up over those years feel they can't afford to take time off.

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