Piedmont K-mart Stores Are Closing Down

3:29 AM, Mar 24, 2002   |    comments
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K-mart stores are starting their close out sales. Liquidation has begun at these stores: East Cone Boulevard in Greensboro, the Super K store on University Parkway in Winston-Salem, the Big K store on Main Street in Kernersville, the Asheboro store on Dixie Drive and the Elkin location on Bridge street.

Shoppers are flocking to the K-mart on Cone Boulevard and the guys with the signs are part of the reason.

"People have been getting out of the right turn lane so they can go across the hill to Kmart" says Kenneth Braveheart.

Braveheart is one of a handful of men who are being paid to stand on the highway with "Kmart Store Closing Sale" signs;

Another sign holder, Roger Dubois says, "he asked to see the sign and then started pounding her husband's arm to take her back to the store."

"We saw the guys with the signs on the highway. And it made you think there was a sale? Yeah...we just knew it was a really big sale."

The lines inside were 20 people deep. So we asked, were the sales worth all the stress of standing in line?

"It's only 10-percent off and all these people are not getting a great deal yet. You didn't buy anything? Oh no I did I had to buy my baby something." says shopper Linda Scott.

Some shoppers spent so much they had to roll their purchases out.

Others walked out knowing they had spent more money and more patience than they thought they had.

If you're in for the really big sales...wait! The Cone Boulevard Store will officially close May 7th.

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