Greensboro Police Use Tear Gas To Breakup Crowd of Teens In Downtown On July 4

10:45 PM, Jul 5, 2012   |    comments
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Video: GPD Uses Tear Gas To Disperse Teen Crowd

  • This is the type of fogger GSO PD used to disperse crowd last night. It's a combo of pepper spray and tear gas.

Greensboro, NC--  The July 4th night is usually all about fireworks and the traffic surrounding the comings and goings to fireworks spots.

Wednesday night, Greensboro Police also said they had to deal with a crowd of teenagers downtown. Not just a few, police say the teenagers numbered about 1,000.

Police had to finally resort to chemical measures to disperse the crowd and keep everyone safe.

Police Department spokesperson Susan Danielsen tells WFMY News 2 that around 10:30 p.m. a crowd of about 1,000 teenagers gathered in the Center City Park area. There were also reports of verbal and physical fights. The Watch Commander, Lt. Kimmel told News 2 that some of the fights broke out just outside the park on Elm St.

Danielsen said the Center City Resource Team of Officers called for backup and eventually used a combination of tear gas and pepper spray to break-up the crowd.

Police also arrested three people during the incident. Danielsen said there were no injuries. Greensboro Police say they rarely use this method to get crowds under control. Typically, officers turn to the pepper spray/tear gas about a half-dozen times a year.

Arrests and charges:
Zannie Deangelo Seagraves Jr, 18: charged with Disturbing the Peace
Jimel Tyrea Leach, 17: charged with Public Disturbance/Disorderly Conduct
Tyrik Alexander Reaves, 19: cited for Failing to Disburse

Police told News 2 there were several officers on the scene Tuesday night and at least three used tear gas.

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