Protest At Embassy And Google Offices

6:50 AM, Sep 27, 2012   |    comments
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(Bangkok, Thailand)  --  Hundreds of Thai Muslims gathered in front of the United States embassy in Bangkok on Thursday (September 27) for the third time in as many weeks to protest against an anti-Islam film.

Several hundred protesters crammed the streets in front of the embassy, which remained open. Police confirmed 300 officers were dispatched to the embassy to monitor the crowd.

Protesters took pamphelts containing their statement of protest and made them into paper airplanes, flying them over embassy barricades. They also called on Google and YouTube to take down the film from their sites and ban it world-wide.

While the protest appeared heated at times, there were no incidents of violence. Protesters pushed police officers to get closer to the embassy but didn't force their way in.

"In Thailand, we will protest as fiercely as the law allows. We cannot invade (the embassy), we can't do any harm. This is the law and we won't break it. But standing in this area like this, we will do what the law allows, like burning the American flag, we can do we'll do it," said Mureed Temasang from the Muslim Group for Peace.

The U.S. embassy issued a warning on its website telling U.S. citizens to avoid protest areas as a precaution. There were no incidents of flag-burning.

Protesters also marched to Thailand's Google office in the heart of the city, followed by police.

A representative from Google came out to accept letters from the protesters and assured them their voices would be heard.

"I'll send an email, I'll send a letter. Yes, when I have your letters I'll send them to the head office. They still don't have your letters. And the court documents will go to them, guaranteed, 100 percent," said Peter Fretten of Google Thailand.

The 13-minute English-language video, which was filmed in California and circulated on the Internet under several titles including "Innocence of Muslims," portrays the Prophet Mohammad engaged in crude and offensive behavior.


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