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Fuzzy's Bakery: Triad Teen Starts Company In Honor Of His Godfather

7:54 PM, Nov 12, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - A 12-year-old has started a baking company in honor of his Godfather, who passed away because of a heart attack.

"I'm baking in honor of my Uncle Roger,"said Antoine (Fuzzy) Gauthier, a boy who bakes.

"Everyone has a gift...God gave you a gift so, you can do something to help and effect this world," said Gauthier.

Antoine Gauthier Jr. aka, "Fuzzy," cooks all the family meals most nights.

He started baking, when he was 8.

Fuzzy's cooking passion is said to have only increased after reading his uncle's cooking books. Gauthier's Godfather passed away about five years ago from a sudden heart attack.

"We lose people all the time. But just because you lose doesn't have to be a hardship. You can take it and turn it into gain," Monika Gauthier, the mother of baker.

Fuzzy the baker, is in the final stages of finalizing his business, just days before his 13th birthday. And he's tackling his first big event this Friday.

"I'm able to master anything...I can master free-throws in basketball and I can master pound cakes," said Gauthier.

Gauthier will be at the "The Time Is Now! Emerging Entrepreneurs Festiveal at the Nussbaum Center For Entrepreneurship on Friday, November 16, 2012 from 4PM to 8PM.

To contact Fuzzy's Bakery, email: For more information on the, visit Emerging Entrepreneurs Festival Website.

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