Greensboro Woman's Job Is To Run Half-Marathons

11:56 PM, Nov 20, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC --  This Thanksgiving weekend a Greensboro woman is running a half-marathon. In fact, almost every weekend this year she has run a half-marathon. It's her job. How she got this job, is worth telling.

What Beth Deloria has done this year would challenge even the most hardcore runners. By year's end she will have run more than 22 half-marathons all over the nation.

Quite an accomplishment, even for this seasoned marathoner.

"It is one day at a time. It sounds so cliche," says Deloria, "But those steps take you to the end of a really cool journey."

This may sound like a story about running, but it is really about the 2004 surgery that solved her spinal issue.

"Those screws are in your spine right now?"  

"Yeah, five of them," answers Deloria as she looks at her Xray.

The surgery came with a side effect. Beth has something called foot drop. Without a brace she can't flex her ankle and raise the front part of her foot; making walking a project, and making running impossible.

"I had that moment that I'm not who I am anymore and just started crying. I'm going to start crying thinking about it."

The standard white plastic brace the doctor gave Beth was heavy and made her feel as if she was walking in a ski boot.

So Beth started researching foot drop braces and found the ToeOFF brace by AllardUSA.

She didn't want to simply walk better, she wanted to run again. She did and the AllardUSA company took notice.

When the company's CEO saw Beth was running with his brace, he offered her a job. Run races and be an ambassador. Sounds great, right?

"I didn't want to think about helping people at the time, it's true, I wanted to put that chapter behind me. But then I see how many others are struggling."

Her struggle turned into a story that she tells at every race. Her blog, Get Back Up, shares the stories of others who at one time also thought they too had lost themselves.

"I never expected to be that happy and fulfilled by something that I thought was the worst part of my life."

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