An Alternative To Christmas On A Budget

12:18 AM, Nov 21, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- When money is tight around the holidays, some families get creative with gift giving.

While some people limit what they spend on gifts and others turn to homemade presents, a Greensboro woman has found another way to do Christmas on a budget.

Jennifer Caskie is a contest professional.

"Someone told me once, everything we want or need is already around us. We just have to find it," said Jennifer Caskie. "And so, that's what I did when I got on the computer and I started this. I said, 'OK, there are some things that I do need. There are some things that I do want, just because I want them. So I'm going to find them'."

For Caskie, entering dozens of contests online every day, has become part of her daily routine.

And she's had a lot of success. In the last year, Caskie has won 20 different contests.

She's won everything from jewelry to make-up, a grilling set with grilling spices, new tires for her car, 24 boxes of Puffs tissues (which she shared with her entire neighborhood), and her latest prize was an iPad from WFMY News 2.

Now, Caskie is using her new iPad to enter for gifts.

"I'm trying to win a watch right now for my son," said Caskie.

Caskie knows it's time consuming and tedious. And she admits, it's addicting.

But, she also said she gets an inkling when she's about to win. And all those hours are worth it when she can check people off her list, without breaking the bank.

Caskie's tips for folks who want to win:

-Be careful of pop-ups and other advertisements. Stick to contests that you know are legitimate.
-Don't get frustrated when you don't win.
-Be persistent.

"If you don't have time to get it now for Christmas, there's next year. And you've got plenty of time to be winning," said Caskie.

Caskie uses a website called

While there are other, similar websites, it's essentially a one-stop-shop for contests that are listed all over the internet.


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