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Woman Arrested At Elon University; Weapons, Ammo In Car

8:36 AM, Nov 26, 2012   |    comments
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Elon --  On November 25, 2012, Elon University sent out an email notifying parents, students, and faculty that Elon Campus Police averted a potentially dangerous situation yesterday.

Alexis Gray, 18, of Holland, Pennsylvania, a student at a Pennsylvania University was taken into custody, thanks to a tip from her ex-boyfriend, and Elon student.

Elon Campus Police were waiting for Gray just before noon at Danieley Center after being alerted by her former boyfriend, an Elon student. He had been notified by Gray's parents that she was on her way to Elon and they were concerned for her welfare. 

Gray's vehicle contained a rifle, ammunition and other weapons. She will face felony charges of possession of a firearm on campus and may be charged with other crimes.

She is being held by authorities pending charges and has been permanently banned from the Elon campus.

Vice President and Dean of Students, Smith Jackson, says that this serious situation is an example of quick thinking and responsible actions by a number of people.

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