W-S Police Chief Cunningham Stands By Initial Investigation That Womble Crossed The Center Line

5:08 AM, Dec 6, 2012   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC -- Former Representative Womble is no longer facing charges, but police still say he caused a deadly car crash.

Police Chief Scott Cunningham said in a news conference on Wednesday that he stands by their investigation from a fatal 2011 car accident. Womble was facing Death By Motor Vehicle Charges before the Forsyth County District Attorney and State Attorney General dropped the charges on November 28 because there wasn't sufficient evidence.

Graphic: Reconstructive Sketch Of Womble Wreck

"The investigation is a good, quality, accurate investigation and the Winston-Salem police department has its personnel, has demonstrated great competence, professionalism and absolutely the highest ethical standards that exist."

WFMY News 2 spoke to Ed Livesay, the accident reconstructive specialist who shared his expertise with the Winston-Salem PD regarding the Womble wreck. Livesay has 20 years experience in accident reconstruction. He also teaches a class for Winston-Salem police officers on crash reconstruction.

Livesay said, "(They were)having some problems with the locations of the damage and some other red flags. They came to me and we used some different tools and the physical evidence simply doesn't corroborate with what the witnesses were saying."

Livesay created an animation of the accident. He told News 2 it's based on physics. He ran 300 scenarios that assumed Womble crossed the center line, but none of them were physically possible. But when he had Carmichael cross the line, it made sense.

In regards to Livesay's software and the crash reconstruction, Chief Cunningham said, "Ran maybe upwards of 300 versions of possible options. At some point, the computer spit out an option that says, you know it might have happened a different way. That computer program did not have the specific data of this crash."

Larry Womble's attorney, David Freedman, spoke with News 2 about the Chief's remarks. He said, "I was shocked because it was the police investigation that also brought in an accident reconstruction expert that showed Mr. Womble was in his lane of travel. Why you contradict what your own expert says is a bit confusing," said Freedman.

WFMY News 2

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