Allean Sims is WSSU's Biggest Fan

8:50 AM, Dec 10, 2012   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC - Allean Sims is what you would call a die-hard fan.

Since the 1960s, she's been a regular at Winston-Salem State University's sporting events, cheering for every team, from football to volleyball.

In fact, she was named the university's biggest fan and is known as "Momma Ram."

"Momma Ram, they gave me that name a long time ago because I guess, I've been the most notable fan," said Ms Sims.

But three years ago, Momma Ram tripped and fell, and what was the fan who would run with Rams, could no longer walk.

And even after being in the hospital last weekend, she made it to Saturday night's semifinal game.

She was there to see her favorite team make history.

"The D line yesterday was awesome. I mean, they just came to play and they made the big plays and kept us in the ballgame," said Sims.

Now, the woman who has let nothing stop her from seeing her squad doesn't have a ride to next week's national championship game.

"If I had a handicapped ride, I'd be right there with them."

Right there cheering on the team and the university that has shaped her life.

"Life begins at Winston-Salem State, I always say that. That's my motto," said Sims.

This woman who has lifted her team, now needs just that, a lift.

If you can help, contact News 2's Morgan Hightower at and she will put you in touch with the family.


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