Separating Fact From Fiction: Obamacare Fee Charges $63 Per Person

10:48 PM, Dec 11, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON -- Obamacare is a complicated topic. A lot of you have questions about what this new healthcare reform is really going to cost, especially when it comes to your paycheck.

News 2 spoke to Jason Husser, an assistant professor of political science at Elon University to separate fact from fiction.

This $63 fee would reportedly be for coverage of people with pre-existing conditions, even if you don't have one. But Husser told News 2 you're already paying for it.

"These aren't new services, so we're not paying for new procedures, new operations. This essentially is a way to keep costs controllable and predictable for the insurance companies," explained Husser.

The fee will also phase out over the course of four years. Husser said it will work like this:

$63 will be the fee in 2014.
$40 is the estimate for 2015.
$5 for 2016 with the fee phasing out completely by 2017.

That's because by 2017, the insurance companies will have a safety net to cover unexpected expenses. Husser says the goal is a $21 billion slush fund.

"Things that we would have ended up paying for anyway. So it's a way to, in a sense, pay ahead of time so we can deal with shocks when they come up," added Husser.

Ultimately, advocates of Obamacare think this saves people money in the long-run by guaranteeing there's enough money to pay for even the most expensive medical needs for anyone who needs it.

Opponents see this as a hidden fee and something they didn't sign up for.

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