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Undocumented Immigrant Is Not Being Deported After Using A Fake SSN

11:33 PM, Dec 12, 2012   |    comments
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Burlington, NC--  An Alamance county mom and undocumented immigrant will not be deported.

Lorena Yanez-Mata is an undocumented worker who came to the United States illegally.

She went to Time Warner Cable in July hoping to get cable for her 7-year-old daughter.

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In the paperwork process, they asked for a social security number.

She said she didn't have one but they demanded one so she gave them a fake number.

An off duty police officer arrested Lorena and charged her with obtaining property by false pretense and started the deportation proceedings.

On Tuesday, a group held a rally supporting her and asking people to call Immigration and Homeland Security to fight to keep her in the US.

On Wednesday, Lorena's immigration attorney, Jeremy McKinney told us the Alamance County DA dropped the charges against her.

The dismissal notice cited, Defendant possessed a false Social Security card but gave correct name and address and paid for service. Facts of case do not seem to support requirements of this statute.

McKinney told us later on Wednesday that her deportation hearing scheduled for Thursday in Charlotte was cancelled. She will not be deported.

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